Believe Dec 2007

December, 2007

Wow time is just flying by! Where did November go? As I say every year: another High School Basketball Season has begun with so many hopes to win all of your games and make it to state. We put so much importance on winning that so often we lose sight of the life lesson each person (players, coaches, parents, etc) will learn along the way. Years from now we will remember the friendships and the funny things that happened, but probably not the score of each game.

This year's theme is Believe! First and foremost we have to believe in ourselves...that we see the goodness in ourselves, trying to be the best player we can, making good choices, trusting and loyal. We will never reach our full potential if we don't believe we can.

Secondly, we need to believe in others...our teammates, coaches, friends, etc. Together we can accomplish so much more. It takes everyone's efforts and commitment to have a successful year. No one can do it alone so make the extra effort on and off the court!

Your challenge for this year will be to believe in yourself and others no matter what goes wrong, no matter how hard it gets, whether you are winning or losing on or off the court.

Believe in the goodness of others and yourself.

Have a great year!


Barbara Berry
Founder of The Way to Win