Coach's Tools

Basketball Clinics for Girls or Boys, 1st - 12th Grades
3 days of instruction; 1- 2 hours per day. Instruction in the basic fundamentals which includes:ball handling: catching and passing, dribbling;
shooting: lay-ups, set shots and jump shots, rebounding; defensive footwork, offensive pick & rolls and give & goes.

Basketball Team Camps for Girls or Boys Teams
Team Training Session - 1 1/2-hour session/4 session minimum
Through an evaluation of your team's and individual player's Offense & Defense skills, specific drills and skills will be emphasized to strengthen individual player's and team fundamental weaknesses.

Team Development Session - One 1-hour classroom per team and three 1-hour court sessions
Classroom Session focuses on perceptions, effective communication and leadership skills. Plan a strategy to bring balance to your life or your practice session to decrease injury and increase productivity on and off the court.

Court Session focuses on fundamentals and team concepts.

Basketball Coaching Clinic
Learn how to be a coach in this 2 hour session. This is ideal for volunteers or parents of recreational leagues who would like to learn basic fundamentals, drills and other skills to enhance your team on and off the court. Also a great refresher for those who wish to brush up on the basics. Includes a basketball instruction manual CD. Sneak a peek inside the book!

"The Golden Rules of Basketball: Fundamentals, Drills & Philosophies" by Barbara Berry - a basketball instruction manual CD for players and coaches. Sneak a peek inside the book! Ordering Available Soon

Coaching Academy - WIAA Accredited
Designed to help Coaches learn techniques in teaching the fundamentals, how to establish a running game, how to teach aggressive defense whether it is a half court man or zone or a full court trap, develop game strategies, how to communicate with parents and players and lastly, but probably the most important: how to develop the "mind set" to be a success on and off the court!

Weekly Commitment: attend a fundamental training, attend classroom session, coach on court, and perform community service work.

It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that is The Way to Win difference....