Golden Rules of Basketball

The Golden Rules of Basketball:
Fundamentals, Drills & Philosophies

by Barbara Berry

The 3 Golden Rules

I love to play basketball! It truly is my passion! We forget that it is just a game when winning becomes more important than the players themselves, especially for players at a young age. We forget that through this game we can teach our young people so many valuable lessons. Commitment, dedication, motivation, being a self starter, teamwork, getting along with others, good physical habits, good eating habits and the power to stick with it are some of those lessons. It is truly an opportunity to teach "life" experiences that will help a player both on and off the court. Coaches and parents need to be good role models to help have a positive impact on our young athletes. A CEO once told me that when their company looks for new employees, they often search out former athletes because of the lessons they have learned through athletics about commitment, teamwork and The Way to Win!

The Way to Win is intended to help coaches and players of all ages. Hopefully, you will pick up some tips to help you be a better coach or player, both on and off the court. There's a lot more to the game than what the score board says. The drills included are basic, however, look beyond the fundamentals towards developing players' self-esteem. Teams that can pass and dribble well can shoot well. Teams that are willing to work hard, rebound and play defense well will be filled with pride. Teams that play as one always leave the court with their heads held high regardless of what the score board says.

If you have never coached before, this should give you a good starting point. Remember there is often more to learn from our mistakes. If you are coaching, this will help to remind you of some of the basics you may have been overlooking. If you are a player, be a student of the game. If you can start to think like a coach, you'll understand the concepts better when you are playing. Who knows, you may be a coach someday?

So, whether you are a first grade coach or a coach in the NBA, Good Luck. Stay in touch with the element of fun in the "game" and don't miss the joy of a player making their first basket or their stories after the game!

Psychology of Coaching

One of the keys to being a good coach is being able to look objectively at your players and listen to their needs. All players want to feel that they have "ownership" in their team. As coaches we can provide the support for them to feel that they are a vital part of the group. Encourage your players to talk about what is difficult for them, then they will work to correct their weakness. This is an essential aspect of teamwork. Praise them for their effort. So often as coaches we come to practice with our own agenda and forget to look and listen to our team's needs. Keep an open mind!

It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that is The Way to Win difference.....