Leadership Testimonials

Thanks to the success and growth we have gained from the seminars on leadership Barbara conducted for the WIAA staff, as a result , I have seen changes in the office atmosphere and the attitudes of staff toward work and each other. I have also seen each member of the staff grow tremendously towards their own professional goals. I definitely recommend your seminars to those who need staff development and strongly feel that follow-ups help reinforce the concepts as each new situation arises.
Mike A. Colbrese, Executive Director Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, Bellevue, Washington

Barb Berry gave inspirational presentations to six physical education classes at Tahoma High School, impacting lives in a positive way. Her delivery was done in a gentle, humorous, personal style. The content centered on valuing the self, using your talents to achieve and plan for the future. She's a wonderful storyteller, a leader in self study to make students think.
Annette Thompson, Tahoma High School Physical Education Department Maple Valley, Washington

It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that is The Way to Win difference....