Let's Talk About Club Ball...

Let’s Talk About Club Ball…the Questions You Should Be Asking!

1. What is your GPA requirement to play for your club team? If you don’t have the grades you won’t be able to get into many colleges. Ours is a 3.0 GPA minimum.

2. What are your Training requirements? Some club teams just recruit good players but they never train. Isn’t this a team sport??? So you improve your individual skills (maybe if you are self- motivated) but your team skills, offenses, defenses & leadership qualities etc. never develop.

What does it really mean if you are a “sponsored” team?
3. Free shoes??? You are forced to wear a brand of shoe that doesn’t really fit your foot…is it worth it? The most important part of your uniform is your shoes…it’s worth the money to have the right shoe. As my Dad always said nothing is truly free….there’s always a cost. You also might receive some free gear. It depends how much the sponsorship is for.

4. Play in sponsors events??? So you are forced to play in only certain tournaments and forced to pay the travel expense when you can be seen in your own backyard. Trust me if you’re that good the College Coaches will find you!
Example: So they give you $2,500 in gear for your team but require you to travel to 2 out of town events. Each event cost $5,000-8,000 per team. So you spend $10,000-16,000 and get $2,500 in return and a pair of shoes that may not fit. Hmmm that doesn’t make good business sense to me. I would rather rotate my tournaments and have our players see different parts of the country so they can make a good decision about where they would like to continue their education.

5. They may give you discounts on uniforms but they don’t give you money towards travel, hotels, van rentals, food etc.

College Recruiting…is it about the Club Coach bragging about where their kids go or finding the right fit for your daughter?
1. What does a Club Coach really do to help your daughter find the right school?
Check your grades, evaluate your needs & wants, make calls, send letters & emails, & visit college campuses? Or do they just wait and hope that a college coach calls them about you?
2. How many recruits actually qualified into a university with their current GPA?
3. How many athletes transfer after their 1st year?
4. How many Student/Athletes actually graduated from college?
5. College Coaches care more about how you play the game, not how many games your club team wins.
6. Post College… how many Players are playing in the WNBA and/or Overseas?

In the last 15 years our Way to Win Student/Athletes have graduated from College. Only 4 have transferred because of different situations: 2 were injury related, 1 was a coaching change and the 4th player changed their major. Not  because they were homesick.

Do your homework and don’t get caught up in the hype!
The minute a coach starts promising you things that are out of their control…RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!

We only need 10 players to fill a team and there are thousands of players in the State of Washington to fill those spots. Find the right program that fits your daughter’s needs on & off the court. I can promise you in our program your daughter will get better if she puts in the time and has a positive environment around her. Hopefully if the stars align she will have an opportunity to play at the next level.


Barbara Berry
Founder of The Way to Win

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