Casa aDios: photos

In Coach Berry's "spare" time I do basketball Training's and Community Service in this wonderful fishing village. When I first started going there 28 years ago, there was only 1 phone in town. Even today there is no postal service, banks, gas stations etc. Awesome people...a little peace of heaven!

San Pancho, Mexico
(San Francisco)
Locals call it San Pancho. Prior to the early 70's it was a drowsy fishing village with a handful of palapa-style houses on the beach and no electricity or running water. Then former president (1970-1976) Luis Escheverria took a proprietary interest in the town, building schools and the only hospital between Vallarta and Tepic - 90 miles away. It's said he had hoped to end up with a prestigious United Nations post by creating a self sufficient town that would be a model for Third World Development. Instead, Escheverria fled Mexico in the 70's and his family's estate here fell to ruin. But the schools and hospital remain a central focus of village life and a testimony to his vision.

San Pancho is easy to reach within an hour's drive North of Puerto Vallarta on the paved and well marked Highway 200, life carries on pretty much as it always has in the pretty pueblos along the way to San Francisco. Offering colorful culture - and miles of uncrowded beaches to explore - the sweeping changes of the 20th Century seem to have by-passed these coastal Mexican towns, their pace what you'd expect south of the border. Remarkable considering their breathtaking topography and proximity to bustling P.V.! Even time's laid back; once you cross the bridge spanning the Ameca River just north of the airport you're in the Central Time zone...2 hours difference from Seattle.

Surfers are attracted by some of the best waves in the area, the coastline picking up swells from the southwest to the northwest. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world's longest rideable wave is just an hour and a half north at Matachen Bay. When a southern swell arrives, this spot goes off with an overhead wave that breaks for up to one and a half miles. Even when the swell is smaller, the bay offers three different point beaks with excellent shape.

Other activies include swimming, bird watching, kayaking, bike riding, walks on the beach, walks in the jungle, snorkling, scuba diving, shopping, eating at fabulous restaurants, sunbathing etc.