Programs & Schedules

 The Golden Rules of Basketball:

  1. Have Fun!
  2. Give 100%
  3. Help a Teammate Be Successful!

Coach Berry believes...that there are no short cuts to becoming a good player on and off the court! It takes hours of practice and repetition to make a few great plays in each game.

Our Vision for each player is very clear...without the fear of failure how good can you be? If you take away the fear and don't hesitate you will always succeed! We believe that each player in our program will learn not only how to Win but how to deal with losses on & off the court!


Our Training Programs stress the Fundamentals of Basketball & Leadership:

  • How to catch the ball
  • How to pass the ball
  • How to prepare for the shot...prior to receiving the ball
  • Footwork...offensively & defensively
  • Transition offense...what do I do if I am not getting the rebound?
  • How to be a Team Player
  • How to Lead off the court


The Scoreboard is not a reflection of our self worth!