Pyramid for Life Oct 2008

Pyramid for Life!
October, 2008

It gives me GREAT pleasure to present to you the 2008 Gold Team's Pyramid for Life! The idea was taken from my lifelong mentor, John Wooden who designed over years of coaching the Pyramid of Success

It was a 4 month process with each of our 10 players building their own Pyramid and giving a Leadership Presentation regarding what they thought were the necessary blocks towards having a happy, healthy and successful life!

Then in July as we traveled to Tournaments we discussed each player's Pyramid and came up with the 2008 Gold Team's Pyramid for Life!

It was a fun process and amazing to hear each player's ideas on what is important in life on and off the court! I am so proud of all of them and the final product is UNBELIEVABLE!

For instances Failure is at the core (heart) of our Pyramid. They decided that without Failure you can't grow and improve. You have to live outside the box!
On each send of Failure is Integrity and Perseverance...that which helps us get through the hard times!

The Top Block is left blank because we are all on a different path and why limit ourselves or others.

The Foundation for our Pyramid is Family, Balance, Values and Determination. This is what holds us up in the tough times.

The Vision just before the top is Confidence and Composure. In order to succeed you have to have these qualities along with patience's. No one ever said it would be quick or easy to achieve your goals!

Even though we had a great year on the court...this project is one of the highlights for me. This has been such a special group of player's. I have become a better person just by knowing all of them! Years from now we will remember the friendships, the talks, the laughter and the hard times, but probably not the score of each game.

I hope you enjoy this as much I as I have! Share the Pyramid with your Teams and friends! Pyramid for Life

Have a great year!


Coach Barbara Berry