Playing for Barb has been an unfortgettable experience, I will always look back on my AAU experience and miss it because of all the fun we had. Barb was such a positive influence on my life and my teammates lives. We all looked forward to practices because we knew she would get the most out of us but it would be a blast! I can't tell you the scores of our games but I can tell you the million funny stories that happened during any of our tournaments. She truly does care for her players and wants to see them succeed. She puts her players first and that is why her teams are able to be successful! One of the best things I think she does with her teams is the Leadership part of it. I'm not sure of any other programs that do it and that actually value that part of her "coaching". It is really cool that she does that and wants to take the time and do it.
She has helped me be a better player and person.

Lyndsey Moore, Kentwood H.S., Kent, WA
Currently playing for the WNBA Minnesota Lynx
University of Nebraska, NE


Most AAU programs connect your daughter for a season of tournaments
and offer the basic Xs andOs, but The Way to Win provides a deeper
engagement where young women bond as teammates, prepare for the next level, learn to communicate with college coaches and develop into leaders,
both on and off the court.

Scott Charlston, Sammamish, WA
Alyssa Charlston is currently playing for the University of Idaho

Playing for Barb taught me that basketball is more than just a game, it goes beyond the individual. Barb taught me to enjoy the little things about the game.
The reason I love the game is because of the small things and Barb reminded me of that. The slightest thing is worth getting excited about and it shouldn't matter who is watching. As a person Barb taught me to be open to everyone because everyone has his or her own story. 

 Shelby Lyman, Archbishop Murphy H.S., Everett, WA
Currently playing for Cornell, University

 Barb's simple, yet challenging approach to basketball expands your mind
to a deeper understanding of the game, and for life itself.
She evokes a passion and love for the game that inspires
you to excel beyond your potential.

Laura Freimuth, Jackson H.S., Mill Creek, WA
Currently Asst. Coach at Long Beach State, CA


It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to winthat is The Way to Win difference....